AZ Cleaning


Liane Corrigan

Thank you for your email and for the invoice.  I would like to thank you for the great job that you did cleaning the flat.  I would also like to thank the cleaners for finding my watch and leaving it on the coffee table.  I have been looking for the watch for weeks and I greatly appreciate that it was found and returned.

Thanks again.


Etienne Lambert

My wife and I wanted you to pass a message to the cleaner for us. We believe that she always does a great job in our house and we are very pleased with the quality of her work. We were even more impressed with the last time she came to our place. She did a particularly wonderful job folding all of our clothes and was a great help to both of us. She makes a real difference in our everyday life.


David Finch

We were super impressed with Semi and would love her to continue with us. We were particularly happy with the unexpected cleaning of the third room, which we imagine she found an excruciating experience.


James Gomez

You emailed me just before I could message you praising our new cleaner Tanya. I could write a list as long as a West Brom striker describing things we like about Tanya, but I won’t bother. We are over the moon with her already and if the standard is this good every week then we will be extremely happy.
We are particularly happy with the ironing, as there was a lot to do and the quality was exceptional.


Martin Antonioni

In reference to the booking below i just wanted to provide some feedback;
Firstly i was extremely happy that you were able to accommodate the short timeline i required and that the booking service was excellent, helpful and friendly.
I am currently living overseas so it was particularly important to me that you were able to co-ordinate with me and my parents.
My parents were at the property during the cleaning process and they could not believe what a fantastic job the cleaners did; they said they were excellent and cleaned the apartment thoroughly and to a very high standard.
I wanted to ensure that the cleaners that did this job get the excellent feedback; the service they provided was of the highest standard and i will definitely use the service again and recommend to anyone.
Thank you for doing such a great job, it was very much appreciated.


Nigel Yeates

Thank you for doing a great job at our new house (60 Broad Lane, Hampton) on the 25th.

Following this I wonder if you can do us a good quote for a move out clean in the weeks of the 11th or 18th at our old rental property.