AZ Cleaning

Regular Office Cleaning

At the office we spend most of our daytime it has a massive impact on our spirit and creativeness. That’s why it is very important that our working place is clean and tidy.

At AZ Cleaning Services we have experience in cleaning all sorts of public places, such as offices, banks, pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, nursing and retirement homes, nerceries, etc.

We will meet all your requirements and clean any commercial premises to the highest possible standard. After inspecting your place, we would make a customised cleaning plan that best suits your needs. Small offices and business premises are different then the large ones and most of the time cleaning them is simpler and takes less time.

The general cleaning of offices includes the cleaning of the main area/ conference room; corridors/ reception/ stairs; kitchen; toilet. The basic cleaning includes the emptying of the waste bins, dusting all surfaces, polishing or damp wiping desks and furniture, cleaning telephones, faxes, radiators, chairs; vacuuming carpet areas and washing floors, cleaning mirrors and glass areas. Kitchen: clean cupboards from inside and outside, empty waste bins, clean microwave and fridge, wash cutlery, glasses, cups and plates, vacuum and/ or mop floor. Toilet: empty and dispose of waste bins, clean and polish all surfaces, clean toilet bowls, urinals and basins, wash and dry taps, disinfect toilet seats, vacuum/ sweep and mop floors and any other specific cleaning required.

Please note: There is a requirement for minimum of 2 hours per cleaning visit on weekly appointments and minimum of 3 hours on fortnightly appointmets. You are responsible for providing all the cleaning materials and equipment needed for the cleaning. You will need to have a vacuum cleaner and mop/bucket available at your home when appointing a regular cleaner.

If you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.

Our hourly rate is £12/hour per cleaner.

All prices are excluding VAT.